Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Toa Samoa Under 10's

Guess what?? I have been chosen for the Samoan Under 10s Rugby League team. Our nickname is Toa Samoa. Toa is Samoan for brave! So I guess we are the brave Samoans! My aunty is the manager. I am the only one that comes from East Auckland and from Mount Wellington. It's going to ge a crackerjack tournament to watch. Come along and watch the Samoa Under 10's and what wev'e got. I will let you know soon exactly where the tournament will be held and of course, I will give you a report when its finished. Come and watch, you never know there might be some future NZ WARRIORS amongst us?? Go the Toa Samoa!!!

Update 11/10/08 - Well the Toa Samoa Under 10's have finished their tournament with big smiles all around! Why?? Because we were the champions of the tournament! It was exciting and funny at the same time! At prizegiving today I got the Most Valuable Player for the team! I was the top tryscorer and my family were proud of me! I hope to see my friends from the team some time next year. Its been an honour to have such cool friends and coaches!

Well now that my season is FINALLY over its a good time for me to rest my body and look back at what I can do better.

Here are some highlights from the tournament!

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TJ and John said...

Awesome, well done for winning a good game. Kapai ..