Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Warriors Calm The Storm!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm jumping around as if ants were in my pants! Because...guess who won between the Warriors and the Storm??? The Mighty Warriors that's who!! It was so thrilling that me and my family were jumping up and down like rock star legends!!!!! We were on the couches and on the bed's as if we were on bouncy castles! Did you see that last try?? If you didn't then I'm really sorry because that is the best try for the ten years that I've been alive and seen with my own two eyes!!!

When there were only three minutes left on the clock, one of the commentators said "It looks like it's the end of season for the Warriors... there's a very long way for the one pointer". There were two minutes left to play then all of a sudden Ropati draws two people in and chucks a perfect offload to Manu Vatuvei and Manu runs down the sideline with Micheal Witt by his side just for support - in case he offloads. Then Witt cuts back in and Manu offloads it to Witt and he scores!!!!

Did you see how put it down?? It could have had a different ending - with Witt holding on to the ball for so long. Storm skipper Cameron Smith was right there and could have kicked the ball out of his hands. Anyway in reality we have made history, the only 8th finalist to beat the Minor Premiers!! Woo hoo!!

All of his team mates jumped on him as if he was a magnet attracting metal. The Warriors won 18-15 and are playing a knockout round against the Sydney Roosteres at home there's still faith in them WE CAN DO IT BECAUSE WE ARE THE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!


tamakitoday said...

You are so right! I watched the game and before it was on I told anyone who would listen that we were going to get wasted! When there were three minutes left I was yelling at the TV! Michael Witt, I don't know what he was thinking with that last try! He should have put down the ball straight away! Our Girls have Rugby League Auckland Finals on Thursday and I hope that they play just like the Warriors! I hope we beat the Roosters...
Mr Webb
Tamaki Intermediate School

Manaiakalani said...

I love the way you described this game Tanielu. It sounded awesome. I watched so much sport over the weekend (ok, I admit I listened to some of it on the radio too)that when it came time for the Warriors game I had to go out so I missed it live. I think your report is better written than the one in the Herald because it really gives me a feel for what the game was like. Keep up the reporting. I hope your parents got you tickets to the next game. Maybe you should podcast it with your own commentary while you are there.
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Great report! I have to agree with you in that the try at the end would have to be one of the best tries I have seen in all MY years (I won't say how many that is...). Considering how importanat the match was and how we were behind and that it was almost the last play of the game you would have to agree that it was the try of the season...maybe even the decade...maybe even of all time! Tanielu, be ready to scream and shout like a Rockstar Legend again this Friday night because we are going to the game! I had to stand in the queue on Monday for 2 and 1/2 hours! Just as well I had a day off from work! It was good fun standing in the line though chatting with other loyal Warrior supporters who were all still buzzing from Sundays game. Well, like you said keep the faith in the Warriors because they will surely do us proud again!


tamakitoday said...

Next Monday the Auckland Girls Rugby Finals will be taking place Tanielu - at Point England Reserve. If you talk really nicely to Mr Burt you might be able to do some interviews or film some footage of the Auckland Finals. You could come and support Tamaki Intermediate. They're really good and their coach is very clever. Its during the day when School is on. Perhaps some of your classes could come and cheer us on.

Mr Webb
Tamaki Intermediate School