Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rock Our World

Rock our world is a project that many Countrys are invovled and we the Point England extension group were representing Auckland. The host is American and there is a website about Rock Our World. The year 5 and 6 extension had a sleep over at Mr and Mrs Burts church and it was awesome to be part of it we had to do the haka we had to sing a song and tell them what Point England school had been up too. It was even cooler because we got to watch a karate movie called The karate kid and it is really cool. My most favourite part of the event was that we were allowed to stay up untill 5:00 It was awesome being part of the event. Rock Our World rules.

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Rocker said...

Hi Tanielu!
We were so excited to have your school involved in Rock Our World! My favorite part was the Haka!! I tell everyone about how great that was... especially when Mrs. Burt told me about the back story! :)
I hope you all get to participate again!!!
Rock On!
Carol Anne McGuire