Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Family

My family are some times funny some times kind and loving and some times they are mean but I deserve it. My dad's name is Ray he is 36 and just loves watching sports and of course he loves going for the Warrios and the Kiwis and even New South Wales . My sisters name is Toreka and she is 8 years old and loves playing with her dolls and playing with her cousins. My mum's name is Andrea. She is a teacher here at Point England school she cooks every thing at home and she is a responsible person. I also have a little brother named Justus and he is two years old and loves pulling my hair and being naughty. my family are full of suprises and fun. I love my family and freinds very much.


Anonymous said...

Hey dan well done on all the updates in the Olympics and yes Valerie Vili is from " Southside" hahahahaha well done honey you are a great journalist ahhh xxx and your family are full of fun i mean thats us hahahaha xx

Toreka said...

Hey bro!Your blogs are becoming very famous to me.Every time I go on to the computer to comment on your blogs there are always posts that are brand new! You're right sometimes your family is funny![But sometimes annoying to you.He He]Thats it from me!Fa tuagane! Ha Ha.

Your sis Toreka:]