Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go the mighty Ben Fouhy!!

Yes !!! We're into the finals and boy what a comeback by the one and only Ben Fouhy. He was fantastic and I sure hope that he can win us a medal. My highlights of watching that race was when this one person was still canoeing and my dad said go Samoa but he was just joking right, but then all of a sudden when you look at the list where it shows you who came where guess what? The person who came last was actually from Samoa !!! Can you believe the small Island was actually in the semi finals?? I think that's awesome!

Back to Ben Fouhy he will be in the finals tomorrow. I watched Mike Walker and Steve Ferguson (Ian Ferguson's son) came second in the semi finals too. So we have more chances of winning medals.


Manaiakalani said...

I love seeing the small countries do well - a bit like David and Goliath! Did you know that NZ was 2nd in the world on the per capita (do you know what that is?) table yesterday. If Samoa was to win a medal they could be first.
Mrs Burt

Toreka said...

Hi there bro,
Congratulations on all of your posts.I wonder how many posts you have made altogether? Never mind,Ben Fouhy has sure made alot of effort in his rowing!!"Come on Ben"My dad shouts."You can do better than that!" while you're saying"Dad don't be so harsh".

Your sister Toreka:]