Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nadia Comaneci

Do you know Nadia Comaneci? She was the first ever person to get a ten in the Olmypics ever in history!!! She loved jumping and running so much that she broke four of her family's couches!! She went to the Olympics at the age of 14 that is facinating to go to the Olmpics at nthat kind of age. The years after she got a ten she got seven tens how awsome is that?. But sadly when she grew up she ran away from her home Country Romania and left to travel over to the United states of America. She coached the Usa team in the Olympics and got married to a man who also did the same sport and his name is Bart Conner and he won a medal to. But when Nadia left Romania she left every thing behind even her medals not even her family that is a very big decision o make that would be a huge sacrifice that she made. But now she is happy with her family.


Alisi said...

Hey Tanielu well I never knew u were into Nadia Comaneci..?
I actually got the same infomation as you too!

Shyarn said...

Hey Tanielu,Just like Alisi said i never knew u were into gymnasts like nadia comaneci!!! anyway great story about her!!

Shyarn room17