Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's the champ of the Kiwis?????

Well the Olympics was huge and we all know who's the star of the Jamaicans...and there is no contest - it is Usain Bolt! And we all know who's the star of America...and there's no contest there either, it would have to be Michel Phelps! But who do you think would be the star of our country, the Kiwis? There are many but you just can't choose so vote for your most loved athlete and post a comment and type down the results. In two weeks we will see who wins. Good luck!! To tell you the truth I think that Nick Willis would do well but any way VOTE FOR SOMEONE and QUICKLY because you have only got TWO weeks.


Miss Signal said...

WOW, what a great blog - you would make a great sports journalist! :)

There are so many kiwi athletes who would deserve this honour, but I have to say Mahe Drysdale.

I was really impressed with the determination and passion he showed by competing, even when he had been so sick.

I am interested to see the results of this! :)

Miss S.

Dl22 said...

Well i dont really watch the olympics so i think everyone cause they all tryed there best.


tevita said...

i think the champ of the is mahe drtsdalEvan know he got sick

Tevita said...

i think that hayden is one after a heart prorlem

Mr T said...

My vote goes to Nick Willis.

The reason being is that the event he was competing in what would have to be one of the 'glamour' events of the whole Olympics. It is one that most people look forward to watching. It is VERY competitive. It is also an event which has always been dominated by runners from the North African regions. Very rarely does a runner from the Western world, let alone little ol New Zealand get a medal, even make the final..even qualify for the Olympics in this event. Not since the halcyon days of past Kiwi running greats like Snell, Taylor, Quax, Walker has New Zealand found reason again to cheer on a runner at these world events. The majority of New Zealands other medallists were probably expected to win whereas Nick Willis was only a slim chance. He needed everything to fall perfectly into place to be a chance. He needed to set goals, train smart, listen to his coach and never give up belief that he could cause an upset. And guess what?? Everything did fall into place and he ended up with the well deserved medal. Thats why Nick Willis for me, was the star of the Kiwis Olympic team!

Room 15 Pt England School said...

Sup wat you been up to latey

To tell you the tur i tink uisn bolt is kind of the best
i will see you later then
you frind Omni

Room 15 Pt England School said...

Hi tanielu cool blog I think that
its out of jamaica america and nz they are mahe drysdale usain bolt and
micheal phelps but I think that micheal phelps is because usain bolt
is a show off cool blog laters


Shyarn said...

Hey tanielu! It is really hard to choose a star athlete for New Zealand!
But I think it should be Caroline & Georgina Evers Swindell, Because they actually won our first gold!!
Shyarn room17