Friday, August 15, 2008

Late Night Olympics

Guess what? My game has been cancelled again! Im not too disappointed because I can stay up and watch some more Olympics but all night long! Last week I couldn’t stay up so I had to watch the replays, but this time I am determined to stay up and watch as much as I can. Because the Olympics only comes around every four years I want to make the most of it by watching all these world class athletes compete in some very exciting tournaments. I even had a cup of coffee just to keep me awake and it was too strong and disgusting next time I’ll stick with milo. The main event that I am waiting for tonight to watch is the 1500 meters. Why? because there is a runner from New Zealand and his name is Nick Willis. Did you know that he is a christian? He said on the news when ever he goes to tournaments he always takes his Bible with him. He even prays before his races. What a great man he is. Also coming up tonight is cycling and Hayden Roulston is competing for New Zealand. Go the Kiwis!!!


Ms Squires said...

Hi Tanielu,
The Olympic games sure have been exciting. I have just been watching the rowing and cycling finals. Isn't it great for New Zealand to get some medals on the board. Great to read all your interesting stories too Tanielu. Keep it up Ms Squires
(P.S. Don't forget to get some sleep in amongst all this Olympics watching!!)

Mr T said...

Hi Tanielu. Woohooo!! Nick Willis takes the bronze medal in the 1500 metres! After the race he said that he was representing all christians around the world. Isn't that awesome? Tanielu, read the comment I left on your 'Cross country Practice' blog. I was explaining Nick Willis' gameplan for running his races. Thats exactly what he did in this mornings race. Don't forget you have to try to use the same game plan in your cross country champs. What an inspiration Nick Willis is to up and coming athletes.

Toreka said...

Hi there Tanielu,
You must of been really tired watching Nick Willis' race especially when it was 3'o clock in the morning!Well he wasn't in he best position in the beginning but in the end he managed to get a bronze medal for New Zealand. That was fantastic!

Toreka Room12

Manaiakalani said...

Hey Tanielu
I am impressed by your commitment to sports. (And I am impressed by your writing too!) Drinking coffee so you can stay awake is pretty staunch. I am very glad that this story had a happy ending. Nick Willis ran an amazing race didn't he. Such a clever game plan and it came off for him. I wonder if he will win next Olympics? What do you think?

Stephanie said...

Hi Tanielu,
I think it's great that you're so dedicated to watching NZ sports that you're prepared to stay up all night! Here in America they mostly only show events in which American athletes are participating but I wish they'd profile more international athletes too. It seems like anyone who has made it to the Olympic games has an interesting story to tell! Keep up the good reporting,

Boston, MA USA