Thursday, August 14, 2008

Micheal Phelps and Moss Burmester

Man he was so close to beating one of the best swimmers in the whole world the world famous Micheal Phelps he himself has already won 5 medals that is incredible is'nt it?! When the swimmers dived into the pool Moss stayed with the top 4 all the way . He almost won, he was keeping up with the others but on the last quater of the race he was tired and slowed down a tiny bit and came fourth. It was very exiciting I can't wait to see another swimming race of the Olmypics.

The reporter who interviewed Moss after the final could have done a better job. I think they should wait until our athletes catch their breath and have some time to themselves after competing. Her questions weren't very good. I think she should have said more to cheer him up and encourage him after coming fourth which is awesome for New Zealand!


Mr T said...

Hi Tanielu. Yes it was a very exciting race indeed. I was watching it in the lunch room at work. Didn't he give it his all! Even though he didn't win a medal, like a true champion he never gave up. By the way, the American swimmers name is Michael Phelps not Phelts...

Jordan said...

Hi Tanielu.Yeah did you watch it?Well I did.Moss Burmester gave Micheal Phelps a good go but then sadly he came last I think. Well at least he gave it a go like a champion.

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Tanielu
I agree with your critique of that reporter. Very poor questioning skills! Maybe TVOne should hire Ms Squires for a day to teach them how to construct good questions. What do you think?
Keep up the great writing
Mrs Burt