Thursday, August 21, 2008

Medal Tally

The medal tally so far for the Kiwis is going pretty well and so far we have 9 medals in total - 3 golds, 1 silver and 5 Bronze we have many more medals to come from the canoeing and it is going to be fantastic!! Our most succesfull Olympics was in 1984 when we won 8 gold medals. Ben Fouhy the canoer is looking pretty good by the looks of him he needs to go at a good pace in the beginning and stay with the others and stay put until the final metres are coming he can just go for it and give it all he's got and he might just win us a medal!! There are a few more days until the Olympics ends so New Zealand better make the most of it before it's to late!! and go the Kiwis!!


Mr T said...

Tanielu, don't forget we have 2 competitors in the BMX semi-finals today as well. Sarah Walker and Michael Willers. They are both rated as medal chances so just like Nick Willis, we might see a late surge by New Zealand up the medal table! Good for your rugby game today against Glen Taylor! Post a blog on the result of that game. Dad.

Manaiakalani said...

Couldn't agree more Tanielu. Such a shame about the BMX today.
I do hope you are thinking about becoming a sports reporter when your professionl sports career is finished :)
Mrs Burt

Lenva Shearing said...

This is an amazing blog following the stories of our wonderful sportspeople.
You are a very good writer and a proud kiwi. Good on you and keep it up.

Room 8 said...

Hi Tanielu,
You are obviously passionate about sports and the Olympics. It's great to see NZ doing so well and really interesting to follow. I love the enthusiasm that comes through in your writing. Keep up the excellent work. I am about to watch the K2 team. As you say, go the Kiwis!
Mr Norrish

keamac said...

Tanielu I have really enjoyed reading all of your blog posts about the Olympics. I can tell that you are a real sports fan. Your blog posts are terrific - really informative. I teach Year 5 children in Torbay, which is over on the North Shore of Auckland. I am so impressed with your writing and I am going to share your blog with my class on Monday. Keep up the great work.
Mrs Anderson-McGhie

Jacob lavaka said...

wow tanielu you have been doing very wellk on your gold mrdal storysi hope you write more and i would add a special commemt

Hajira,Etta said...

hi nice pictures of the medals i wish i had the gold and the silver and the bronze medal

from Etta and Hajira