Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cross Country Results!!

Yes! I just won 4th place and now I'm going to the school Interzones. Point England primary school had their school Cross Country. It was fanstastic, and things didn't end up the way they thought it would. When it was my turn to run I was shivering with fear but when other runners were just about finished, I gained my confidents and was ready to go!! Then a moment later... BOOM! and we were off! The ten year old boys were pacing them selves. A little while later I was coming in fourth which is a good position to be in. I was behind three boys and they were running together as if they were trying to make a plan for the end of the race. I was getting followed by another boy and I was worried that he might overtake me but I just pinned my ears back and ran until it was finished. When we were near the end I was so tired that I could just faint into the ground. I was near the finish line, the three leaders had already finished but never mind about that, I was worried about getting 4th. The boy behind me was still chasing, he was hot on my tail!!! So I closed my eyes and ran as hard as I could! And then guess what?? I couldn't even feel my legs and I just sped to the finish line and won 4th place. I was so relieved that I just fell to the ground to get my breathing back and thanked the Lord that I had finished the race. It was a heart thrilling race for me!!!!! I can't wait for the next time we have cross country. GO TAKITIMU!!!


tamakitoday said...

Tanielu I really think the written report about cross country is one of your best posts yet. Although I wasnt at the race of course I really get the idea about it from reading your recount in the blog. You made it exciting by your writing and I think yourself and your teacher can be very proud of it.

Manaiakalani said...

Wow Tanielu
You made that race sounds very exciting and I really enjoyed hearing about your game plan and how you carried it out.
Congratulations on getting into the inter-schools.
Now, do you have a plan for moving up on those 3 boys who were ahead of you in this race? And what about the other good runners from the other schools? I am sure you can do it.
Keep training and listening to your coach.
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Hey tanielu well done babe on your success you so take after your aunty hahahah well done Big Boy xx

dianella stewart said...

Hey Tanielu, I really felt I was there at the race although I arrived late. Very entertaining!

Hannah said...

Thats cool I've only ever come 4th once and that was the only time and probably the closest I've ever got to 1st. My friend megan ( has always come first whether it was at the interschools or not.