Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mahe Drysdale

All right !!! we got another medal from our rowing super man and his name is Mahe Drysdale and he won a Bronze medal! How awsome is that?! This took place on saturday and it was fantastic and he was so sick that he vomited at the end of the race which is sad. We are looking forward to another awsome person to win a medal. Remember I am still uptating you with every part of the Olympics. This has been Tanielu reporting from room fifteen, updates on the Olympic news. Catch you later and can't wait for another medal!!


Room 17 said...

Hi there Tanielu! It's Room 17 here, we just read your piece on Mahe Drysdale. We heard about Mahe being sick as well.It's a sad thing that he was so sick, if he was better he could have won the gold medal.We look forward to reading your next report.

Room 17

Mrs Tele'a said...

Kiaora manaia lau lipoti! To'aga e fai fa'alelei le aoga.

Malo Mahe!


Mr T said...

Hey Olympics reporter! We might just get another medal tonight when Nick Willis, who you reported on earlier, lines up for the final of the 1500 metres! It is on at 2:50am in the morning. It will be a HUGE achievement if he can win a medal as the 1500 metres is an extremely competitive race. Just to make the final is awesome! Lets go Nick WIllis! We will be supporting (and praying for..) you!

vaha said...

hello i like the photo of mahe it is so cool keep on if the good work

Rachael said...

Hey tanielu mahe drysdale is a champion because he was sick but he still never gave up