Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life Education Van

Wow!! I didn't know that. Room15 were in the life caravan and we found out many strange things. We were food dectectives and we found out what things what we should eat less of and some of and most important lots of. I found out that just juice had more sugar then coke but the thing was that it had more natrual sugar then the bad sugar. When we were singing with Harold it was fun because we sang a rap song and I liked the part when we sang stay fit stay healthy over and over again it was very funny. And we also learnt about the body parts and how they work we mostly learnt about the liver. The liver sorts out the good food that we need and what we don't need. It has been fun with Harold and Bernie I hope that they will come back next year.

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Milly said...

I am Milly from Te Awamutu Intermediate,
Gosh! You are a very motivated blogger! And I can clearly see you have a great passion for sports!
I LOVE Harold! He's the Man!
We have sung that song before too.
I am also looking forward to this years sessions as even though I'm a year eight they always make it so fun even for us older kids!

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