Monday, August 11, 2008

Rippa Rugby Day

Today on the tenth of August 2008 on sunday people from Point England school were chosen to be in the Rippa rugby day on the number 1 field of Eden park. It was cool for me because I was chosen to be the captain of the team because I had to experience what it is like to be captain because there will be no one to be the captain so I will have to fill in. We all met at school to get ready for the game. When we all got there, there were many schools there and we had a match against a school from over the north shore. After a while we came home with a win and got to get a feed for free. We even got some autographs from some Auckland players. We stayed to watch the Auckland vs Taranaki match. It was a cool and exciting day for me and the team.

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PES Blog said...

Hey Tanielu,
You have been working on your blog lots. It is looking really good.
I didn't know that you were the captain at the Ripper rugby. I'm sure you did a fantastic job!!
Great to see the movie of you playing league.What a fantastic player you are. Well done
Ms Squires