Friday, August 8, 2008

Cross Country Pratice

Yes! I beat my record from yesterday. The whole of team 4 had cross country practise and it was cool! We all got given a time and we had to memerise it to time how long we took. When it was my classes turn, everyone was cheating because they all moved before the magic word - Go!!! says Mrs Nua and we were off like a pack of dogs chasing a bunch of cats . After a few minutes I knew people were tired. That is why you must not run to quick. It was like you were at the Warehouses annual toy sale. When I got up to the last part I had to give it all I had I was sprinting like a wild cheetah and I had just about finished. Guess what happened? I broke my recored by 45 seconds which is pretty good and I was getting better all ready. This will also help with my fitness when I play league on Saturdays.

2 comments: said...

Like a cheetah aye!! Good on you Tanielu for being excited about cross country training. I love the fact you are working hard at improving how fast you can complete the training run. I was at your game today, I was so proud of you and the way you darted all over the field making very important tackles. Quietly I think the game would have ended very differently had you not made the awesome tackles you did on defence today. I showed Diddy the footage, while he was watching, I watched his facial expressions as he watched you tackle and score. He was sooooo proud of Tanielu! You haven't had a game for 4 weeks now, so you are very right in that your cross country training has helped you be ready for today's game of league! Well done Dan!

Mr T said...

Hey Tanielu! It sounds like you have a game plan for running cross country? Stay around the front of the pack at the beginning of the race but don't go too fast, save your energy and then...when its about the last quarter slowly make your move and then when there is about 200 metres to go....bam! Go for it and go hard out for the finish line. Thats how Nick Willis runs his races. He is New Zealands representative in the 800 and 1500 metre races at the Olympic Games. I can't wait to see him in action...and you at the school cross country.