Monday, August 25, 2008

Hard Luck Kiwis!!

Man Fouhy and the K2 guys kind of just missed out on being in the top 4 but at least they gave it their best right? Well you may agree that Ben Fouhy tried his very best but just couldn't get there. Did you here about the BMX competitors. That was very sad that one of them crashed and was about to win a Medal!!! The closing Ceremony was totally awsome and I can't wait untill we have the Olympics in London England!! Did you know that a lady that was from Samoa was in weight lifting and was just about to win the first medal in history for Samoa but just needed to hold it for one more second but she just couldn't hold for 1 more second!! Hard luck for Samoa but maybe next time !! By for now


Russell Burt said...

Hey Tanielu
I'm really proud of your recent work about the Olympics. I think you have a real future as a Sports Reporter or Commentator. I love your flow of language and the insightful comments you make.
Well done & keep it up.
Malo Sole!
Mr Burt

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi Tanielu

I have been following Ben Fouhy. I think he is one awesome athlete. I love the way in which he seems very focused, some would say tense. I respect him for this as it is obvious that he takes his representing of New Zealand seriously.

Sadly a New Zealand reporter felt the need to describe Ben Fouhy as being in a 'negative mind space', something along those lines. When watching this interview he simply stated the facts. I must admit that the reporter's questions and comments in this particular interview were silly.

I'd personally prefer for our reporters to give our athletes time to breathe after competing - literally. Let them gather their thoughts, and then ask good sound questions and close with encouragement. Especially when these athletes have trained to represent New Zealand on their own - voluntary in comparison to other countries who pay their athletes to train for years leading up to the Olympics.

Keep it going Tanielu. Remember to respond to your audience! Share the love!