Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We know that Usain Bolt is fantastic, we all know that Michel Phelps is the man. They're both fantastic but who's better out of them? Who's the bigger name in the Olympics? Is it the fastest man in the world?? One of the greatest swimmers in the World?? You decide! Votes close in three weeks. I reckon that Usain Bolt is the favourite. But anyway just vote for your favourite person now!! Limited time only. Go USAIN BOLT!!!
But I reckon he's a bit too cocky don't you? Michel Phelps stay's loyal and is humble and he doesn't just go slowly in the last 200 meters and lift his hands. Anyway, JUST VOTE!!!

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tamakitoday. said...


I think that Ussain is a bit cocky. If you watch the final of the 100m I am sure that he lowered his arms just before he crossed the finish line. Congratulations on all the work that you are putting into your blog! I wonder if you could try and interview someone who went to the Olympics about their efforts! Maybe do a podcast or something!

Mr Webb
Tamaki Intermediate School