Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mount V'S Richmond

''Crunch''! what a tackle that was.

Today I had a game of rugby league and guess what? we won against the Richmond Bulldogs
and the score was 31-19. I scored 2 tries. I love scoring tries! I also made many tackles in the game because I was fit from my cross country practises. We had many cancellations before this game about 5 to be exact because of the massive weather bomb. It was very muddy on the field because it was very rainy and there were not many people watching. They must have all been in their beds nice and snug.
It was a very good game because we protected our line very well.
The Richmond team thought I did very well that they gave me a prize for the best forward of the day. The prize was two big bars of chocolate. My mum opened up one and had a bit, she deserves it after all the videoing she does of me!
I'm looking foward to next week's game, should be another good match!


Room 15 Pt England School said...

Nice Tanielu you are a really good player.

sione said...

Great game ther Tanielu but i still think i could do better. from youer bast sione

Anonymous said...

nice runing tanielu your a realy good player mate


Room 15 Pt England School said...

tanielu you can step you were good playing rugby i mean it you were good as and you were fast from beni

Anonymous said...

Nice game Tanielu i know the girls a The losers and The boys are the winners from brendon.lee hamilton

Mr T said...

Hi Tanielu. Well played! Keep working hard! Like Mr Burt said...champions train when nobody is watching. Don't get too complacent...keep training and playing hard.